In the mass of ordinary, let’s be extraordinary!


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About Nanobit

Read a few things about working at Nanobit.

Founded in 2008 by two young programmers, Nanobit has since grown into a leading successful game development studio bringing together a team of over 125 experts of diverse backgrounds and areas of expertise: art, design, mathematics, writing, content creation, programming and engineering – all driven by one mission: to put extra into ordinary.

Together, we are not just developing super fun games, but also creating immersive experiences for our players across the world. Our vibrant community of users has reached 10 million monthly active players amassing over 145 million downloads!


100% of our revenue is achieved through exporting, and we’re completely in charge of our products – from the idea to your phone! Our products have also garnered attention from the likes of The New York Times, Harvard Health and the Guardian, while also being featured both on Google Play and the App Store.


Over 100 experts in various areas work in Nanobit, and we’re constantly expanding. We’re extremely proud of our team and our culture, in which we create fun while having fun. Each Nanobitian is unique, and not only a pro at their job, but also equipped with amazingly interesting hobbies and stories – find out more under Meet the Team!


Work-life balance is one of our core beliefs, so we make sure to nurture it. As much as our games are casual, so are our dress code, working hours and office space. View our offices under Workspace and fall in love!


Few things you would like to know


Are there career opportunities? 

In short – yes! We’re growing by the minute, and we’re always looking for new colleagues. Check out our Career page, and you can always apply via an Open application and tell us why you’re a great fit for Nanobit.

I applied for a job, will I ever hear back from you? 

We always send feedback, and we try to do so within two weeks! Please understand if we’re a little late – we get a lot of applications and we want to make sure we have a thorough and fair selection process! If you apply via Open application we’ll contact you when we have something for you, but if you want to check up on the application you can always contact us via email.

What is the selection process like? 

After candidates apply with their CVs, cover letters and additional tasks if stated, we call a selected group of candidates to participate in the next round of selection. Depending on the job, these steps may vary a little, but in general, candidates can expect one round of tasks and two short interviews. The tasks are designed to be specific for every job position and to further clarify the job to the candidate, but also show us how quickly the candidate would be able to adapt to working here. The interviews are a two-way conversation where we answer just as many questions as we ask, explain the position in detail and get to know each other better.

I got a call for the interview, how can I prepare? 

You don’t have to prepare anything specific, but it would be great to read up a little about Nanobit (but if you’re reading this, you’re probably already there ;)). Also, you may want to download and try out some of our games so you know what you would be working on! And don’t worry, the dress code is casual for the interview as well ;)

I didn’t get the job, can I apply again? 

Certainly! We believe that learning is a life-long process and we’ll be glad if we’ve interested you enough to apply again :)

Why aren’t salaries listed on your ads? 

Our salaries vary depending on experience, skills and knowledge. We also want our new employees to be very happy when they start working, so we believe it’s a discussion and we consider your input. We’re confident in what we offer, and we’ll value what you offer.



Is there a dress code? 

Only in the sense that everyone wears something. We’ve seen it all, from slippers and onesies to high heels, suits and ties. What matters is that you’re comfortable!

What computers do you use? 

We work on the Mac OS platform. All employees have iMacs, and some work on double screens!

What language do you speak? 

All communication in Nanobit is bilingual (English and Croatian), and if it can’t be, for whatever reason, we use English. This is why it’s very important to us that everyone understands English, but we’re not asking you to teach it ;)


Zagreb – what’s that? 

Zagreb is the capital of Croatia, a country on the Adriatic Sea which we’re very proud of. You may have heard of Croatia because Game of Thrones was filmed here (and a couple of episodes of Doctor Who!). We’re also famous for inventing the tie and the first-ever fountain pen, so remember that whenever you’re formal :) Closer to the seaside we’ve been influenced by Italy, while Zagreb is our largest city with architecture similar to other former Austro-Hungarian cities. Any way you cut it – we have great food, and we love to enjoy it. Zagreb has recently become famous for its beautiful Christmas markets, so choose when you visit carefully!

What’s the weather like? 

In spring and autumn we enjoy moderate temperatures with occasional rain, we have swelteringly hot summers perfect for a seaside vacation, and winters just cold enough for the occasional snowfall and holiday cheer :)

Which currency do you use? 

Even though we’re part of the EU, we still use the kuna (HRK; named after the animal marten).

Moving to Zagreb sounds like a big step, how can I be sure? 

Before making any big decisions, we will, of course, invite you over. We can show you around, give you an in-depth analysis of living in Zagreb and answer any and all questions you may have.

If I decide to move to Croatia, will you help me? 

Of course! Our HR team will guide you through the entire process, taking care of things so you don’t even feel like you’re moving. We’ll help you find a new place to live, help you get settled, and you’ll get a relocation bonus. Croatia is quite famous for its hospitality and tourism, so we’re no strangers to strangers ;) Most Croatians speak very good English, as it’s obligatory in school, so you’ll never have trouble getting things done.