Zagreb, Croatia

This job is not available any more.

We’re looking for a creative story-tailor to take our stories and create a masterpiece!


  • create a clear vision and path for our game My Story
  • help design our storylines to become hits to the target audience
  • design ways to expand popular stories, make them more intricate
  • create different and more dramatic branches (choices) to enhance the user experience
  • collaborate with our creative writers, content creators, production assistants and producers
  • oversee and suggest improvements to the overall writing in My Story


  • work experience with writing, rewriting/editing (preferably digital media)
  • proficiency in English
  • a love for pop culture and entertainment (TV shows, movies, celebrity news, soap operas, reality TV, different media, etc.)
  • a team worker
  • the ability to think outside the box, come up with different storylines

If you think you’re simply bursting with ideas, don’t hesitate to apply! Follow these steps:

1.) Write your CV in English.

All done? Great! You’ve collected some xp on the way! Proceed to your next challenge:

2.) Describe in your cover letter why you would like to join us and why you’re the right person for this job.

Did that too? You’re on a roll! If you’re ready for the boss fight, keep reading:

3.) You are not yet ready to send in your application!

  • First, a bit of light reading is required! Download our game My Story and read the story You Are Next.
  • Have you enjoyed that? We sure hope so, this would be the job you’re applying for. Now, improve this story! Think of new branches and choices for the story, create some drama, emotions and whatever you think is best!
  • Write down your ideas in a document then send us a link along with your application (Google Drive and OneDrive work best).

4.) Yay! You did it! You conquered Chapter One: The Application! But wait... There are more challenges just around the corner… You’ll hear from us, champion!